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Graphology is one of the most scientifically proven psychological tools in unraveling various aspects of the complex human behavioural structure.

It is the scientific method of Identifying, Evaluating and Understanding human behaviours via strokes and patterns revealed by writing.

Applied Body Language

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We operate based on the principle of complete solutions. With a blend of quality and innovative driven professionals from different phases of industry, we are focused on achieving top of the world performance

Mobile Apps Developement

Technology drives our daily activities. With the use of smartphones we can simplify this our daily operations and activities. This is made possible by efficient and robust mobile apps. As a growing business or enterprenuer, it is of great priority to convert complex operations into simple processes thereby attracting new customers and satisfying exisiting customers.

Game Development

Mobile games has become the number 1 source of entertainment today. As many customers spend most of their time on their smart phones. This is currently the most innovative way of reaching out to a vast network of customers globally. We develop mobile games that can appeal to your customers and create a stronger brand identity for your business.

Web Sites & Applications

At Ibrands we develop custom web applications and websites that suit your business needs. These includes Joomla and Wordpress sites and applications.  We provide fast, secured and reliable we applications that enhance your business operations and services. Its our job, Trust Us!

Brand Development

How you convey your brand to your customers greatly determines customer's patronage. At ibrands we build intelligent brands with the combination of creativity and intelligence. We create for you an identity that reflects professionalism and quality in the minds of the consumers/customers. We call it “The Microscope View”. We enhance every aspect of your operations, thereby building a more efficient and reliable product or service for your business.

We are a Training, Information Technology and Brand Consulting Firm

We conduct trainings on Graphology and develop IT solutions and brand identities for organizations and individuals. We established in 2006 with the sole aim of providing intelligent brands for companies and adding value to services and products. We use the slogan “brands that think”. These brands cut across mobile applications, web applications, software development, 3D animations and product identity development. Ibrands Consulting operates based on the principle of complete solutions. We believe in taking you from the realization of a problem through information gathering and analysis, then to the solution. With a blend of quality and innovative driven professionals from different phases of industry, we are focused on achieving top of the world performance.

We deliver Online and Offline Applications to organizations that improve performance and productivity. We are highly qualified in the areas of brand creation, software development, webportal development, mobile apps, multimedia development and 3D animations. Our well experienced design and development teams focus on quality cutting edge productions. We have the expertise to craft out a successful application, whatever your demand may be. We have specialists in every aspect of the creative and software development and this is evident in what we churn out at Ibrands Consulting. Its our job Trust Us!

Please logon to www.HandwritingDetectives.com to get full information about Graphology and Behavioural Profiling through Handwriting.

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Graphology 99%
WordPress Dev99%
Joomla Dev95%
Mobile App Programming89%
Mobile Games Programming85%
Web Application Dev98%












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INTEGRITY: We maintain integrity at all times. Knowing fully well how important you are to us. This is why we have been around for so long.

TRUST: We are transparent in every thing we do. We share each process with you and leave nothing hidden. We carry you along at every stage.

PROACTIVE THINKING & INNOVATION: We think ahead at all times. We use the term "Projective Thinking".

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We understand our customers and provide reliable solutions that meet their demands.

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